Internship Awardees

Erin Daly



Erin’s project focuses on the syntheses of epothilone D analogs, compounds which have antitumor properties. She plans a research internship in El Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas, Madrid, Spain to obtain thermodynamic binding parameters of beta-tubulin with the epothilone compounds. She will use fluorescence anisotropy to calculate the binding constants. Erin hopes to be able to establish a relationship between conformation, binding energetics, and cytotoxicity to aid in the design of compounds with increased activity.Research Project:B.S. Chemistry, 2005, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT
Discipline: Organic Chemistry
Mentor: Richard Taylor

Jeanette Young


B.S. Biochemistry, 2006, Albright College, Reading, PA
Discipline: Biochemistry
Mentor: Richard Taylor

Research Project:
Jeanette’s project involves the identification and isolation of the polyketide synthase gene cluster responsible for the biosynthesis of gephyronic acid, a polyketide that inhibits the growth of yeast and mold and exhibits cytostatic effects on mammalian cell cultures. She conducted a research internship in the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Saarland University, Saarbrucken, Germany to identify the cosmids containing the polyketide synthase gene cluster. She also conducted sequence analysis to identify the polyketice synthase genes.


  • Magna Cum Laude
  • Organic Chemistry Award
  • The Morgan S. Heller Memorial Chemistry Award
  • Jacob Albright Scholar
  • Dean’s Academic Achievement Award
  • National Honor’s Society Scholarship
  • Eta-Beta Scholarship, Phi Mu Fraternity for Biochemistry


  • Young, J.; Taylor, R. E. Evolution of polyketides: Post-PKS processing in the formation of spiroketals. Nat. Product Rep. 2008, 25, 651-655.