Internship Travel

CBBI Internship Policy Travel Form Dec 2019
CBBI Internship Report

Research Internship Travel Support

The CBBI Program will help defray costs of internship travel for CBBI fellows and also for students participating in CBBI activities, subject to availability of funds and the number of students requesting support. Only the travel costs to internship (air/train fare or mileage for car) and lodging will be considered. The student and his/her thesis advisor are responsible for making internship arrangements. Student must agree to give a presentation describing research internship and complete an internship report within 1 month after completion of research internship. Return completed form (original plus 6 copies) to Mayland Chang. There are three deadlines per year: March 1, July 1, and November 1.

Eligibility Criteria for Non-CBBI Fellows:

  1. Graduate student in a Ph.D. program
  2. Participating in CBBI activities (CBBI biweekly meetings, CBBI Retreat)
  3. Interested in cross-disciplinary research (taken course outside discipline and/or dissertation project contains cross-disciplinary components)
  4. Research internship complements or strengthens doctoral project and provides broadening research experience

Review and Selection Process for Non-CBBI Fellows:

Completed applications will be evaluated for merit by the CBBI Steering Committee based on the following:

  • Participation in CBBI activities
  • Plans for research internship outside mentor’s lab
  • Benefit of research internship to student’s training
  • Tools/technology learn during internship brought back to lab