New Funding Opportunity to Support Pre-clinical Assays

September 09, 2015

Drug Development Services through the Molecular Therapeutics Program


The Molecular Therapeutics Program, a part of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, has established a service agreement with Covance, Inc. to support early-stage drug discovery within CTSI partners: Indiana University, Purdue University, and the University of Notre Dame. The Molecular Therapeutic Program (MTP) will support early-stage drug development studies through services provided by Covance Inc. and Quintiles Biosciences, two contract research organizations that provide pharmaceutical development services. Small grants are now available to help support a list of services available: 

Tier 1 Screening assays: 

Solubility assay
CYP SP inhibition assay
Metabolic assay
Ames screen

Tier II screening assays: 
Permeability assay 
CYP IC 50 assays
CYP3A4 TD1 Assays
Plasma Protein binding assay
Hepatocytic clearance assay
hERG (Cardiac toxicity)

Screening package: 
Candidate Screening Package (Membrane Permeability and P gp Assessment, Metabolic Stability, and Rat PK)

Tier III screening assays: (in-vivo models): 
Rat PK
Rat Cassette PK
Mouse PK
Mouse cassette PK
A Single Dose Oral Gavage Pilot Toxicity Study in Rats
Dose Formulation Optimization
A Dose Ranging Study in Beagle Dogs given oral doses of test article to assessing toxicity endpoints
A Toxicity and Toxicokinetic Study in Female Rats (Sprague Dawley) Given Daily Doses of Test Article for 4 Days
A Study to Assess Toxicity and Toxicokinetics in Beagle Dogs Given Test Article for 7 Days

For more information on this award, please see the Indiana CTSI website.

Originally published by Richard Taylor at on September 06, 2015.